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I’ll Show You How to Get Zoom working For Any Business Purpose”

In this Course, You’ll See Step By Step On-Screen How to Use Zoom To Communicate Online

Zoom Course
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What is Zoom?

Zoom is one of the most popular video-chatting apps around today.

Even if you don’t work from home, you’ve probably heard of Zoom. In light of the coronavirus crisis, the videoconferencing app has become the standard for connecting with others face-to-face virtually in both business and personal settings. Zoom is now the video communication platform of choice for federal governments, tech startups, religious communities, and of course regular people looking to chat — with their friends and family. Here’s everything you need to know about Zoom, including how to download it and get started, along with a few tips and tricks to help you become a video-chatting pro.

What are the benefits of using zoom?

  1. More Engagement.
  2. Like a Live Event.
  3. Free for Light Users.
  4. Full Video Replays
  5. More Income and Exposure

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Video Training

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What you'll learn

  • Zoom Essentials and Zoom Basics
  • Zoom Process from Start to Finish
  • Zoom with Social Media Platforms
  • Monetizing with Live Streaming
  • The Ins and Outs of using Zoom
  • How to Host Meetings in Zoom
  • How to Schedule Meetings in Zoom
  • How to Attend Zoom Meetings
  • How to Change Your Background in a Zoom Meeting
  • How to Switch Off your Camera in a Zoom Meeting
  • How to Express Emotions in a Zoom Meeting
  • How to Chat in a Zoom Meeting
  • How to Chat Privately in a Zoom Meeting
  • How to Record a Zoom Meeting and Much More


  • A Laptop, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone
  • A good pair of headphone
  • No previous knowledge or experience required


Hands On” Video Course With More Advanced Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials Showing You HOW to Do What You Learned In the Course”

Instantly Download These Videos Which Take You Step By Step Through The Technical Parts Of Using Zoom Effectively...


Video #1
Using Zoom in a Calendar System
Video #2
Connecting Zoom To An Auto-Scheduling System
Video #3
Connecting Zoom To An Auto-Scheduling System – Part 2
Video #4
Connecting Zoom To Your Facebook Group
Video #5
Embed Your Zoom Webinar On Your WordPress Website
Video #6
Broadcast Meetings and Webinars On Twitter
Video #7
Broadcast to Multiple Locations Simultaneously
Video #8
Add a Customer To Zoom After An Affiliate Purchase

We Have Covered Everything, Right?

Remember, most of the people who get started like you will spend weeks trying to figure out this “tech stuff”.

Sure, they’ll know WHAT to do, but will they know HOW to do it?

Instead of telling you what to do, we show you HOW to do it.

You’re getting an access BONUS to these 8 Advanced How To Videos walking you step by step what to do for just $97.00

That’s nothing when you consider the time you save…getting you one step closer to earning more income.

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This awesome Video and LIVE Video training Guide. These are proven techniques on how I got started building a successful business quickly and easily using Video.

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Stand Out. More Exposure. More Income. In this Course, You’ll See How You Can Start Live Streaming with Minimum Equipment, Software and Technical Know How. Live Streaming is now the video communication platform of choice for federal governments, tech startups, religious communities, entrepreneurs, small businesses, musicians, corporations and everyone in between. The World in 2020 has Changed!


Bardi Toto is a NYT Author, World renowned Branding Expert, Featured on The Daily Vee with Gary Vaynerchuk, in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, on IHeartRadio, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and other multiple media platforms. Her latest book Disrupt Your Brand Features a chapter with Gary Vee.

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